Springtime Dreamin’

Beware the Ides of March, indeed.  As winter pounds us with yet another snowstorm, just 5 days from the official start of spring, I think everyone is over it.  It’s time for you to go, Winter.  You’ve overstayed your welcome (if there ever was one).


I’m dreaming of springtime in the Maritimes.  I love all the vibrant colours that come with the season.  Everything seems so vivid after the monochromatic winter.  People emerge from their homes as if from bomb shelters, squinting in the bright light.  The birds will sing in the early morning; there will be an obscene amount of light in the day. It will be sensory overload.  I can’t wait.


Springtime is a Van Gogh’s dream:

Emerald green carpets,

Sapphire skies,

Blooms of ruby, citrine and amethyst.

Golden evening light;

There’s a fire in the west.

A gentle breeze whispers,

Like two lovers with a secret.

It’s coming, folks.  It’s coming.

Saints Rest Beach at Irving Nature Park on the city's West Side.

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