Perfect June Days

When you have nice weather in the Maritimes, you have to take advantage of it. Because you are never entirely sure when you will see another sunny, warm day like this one.  It could be awhile.  This is especially true in and around Saint John, NB.  Thanks to that good ‘ole cooling Bay of Fundy fog, we usually have a few less beach days than the rest.

When these kind of days come along, it means you absolutely must leave behind all those inside chores.  The dishes aren’t getting done today.  The vacuuming will have to wait for a rainy day. You’ve got one more clean pair of underwear, no need to do laundry.

It’s time to get outside.

And if you don’t get outside, you’re going to feel a little bit guilty.  I know I do when I spend a beautiful day on the couch binge-watching Netflix and shoving Doritos in my mouth.  For example.

Days like we’re having this weekend are where the beauty of the Maritimes shines most brightly.  Those sapphire ocean blues get reflected in the azure blue of the sky, the forest greens are brighter and more vivid.  The soft evening light shines through the trees in that magical way.  The breeze is warm but just enough to keep the sweltering heat at bay.  Spring blooms are at their peak.  The scent of lilac drifts on the air.

You are experiencing a perfect June day.

Wherever you are in the Maritimes this weekend, take time to look around you and notice how the fair weather of June showcases the natural beauty of the Maritimes in the very best way.


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