Tourist At Home: Hopewell Rocks Edition

Sometimes you live in a place your whole life, with natural wonders right under your nose and yet you never visit them.  I lived in Nova Scotia for 26 years and have never been to the Cabot Trail (it’s on my list!).  My husband has lived in New Brunswick his whole life and has never been to Hopewell Rocks.  I hadn’t seen it either.  We decided to go this weekend.

For those who might not know, Hopewell Rocks is an attraction along the Bay of Fundy that perhaps best showcases the magnitude and effects of the world’s highest tides. When the tide is out, visitors are able to walk on the ocean floor among sandstone rock formations, molded by many centuries of the tide’s forces.  When the tide comes in, visitors (watching safely from an observation deck), can watch the waters rise 14 metres, erasing their earlier footsteps.  The entrance fee for the park actually allows visitors to come back the next day to see both low and high tides.

I was a little worried when we arrived at Hopewell Cape and saw how full the parking lot was.  Uh oh, I thought, have we willingly entered a tourist trap?  There certainly were droves of tourists.  Inspection of some of the license plates in the parking lot showed visitors from all over Canada and the U.S.  I needn’t have worried, however, because once you make it down the metal stairwell to the beach (don’t stop to take pictures on the stairs, people!), the space really opens up with over 2km of beach.  I couldn’t believe how far it went.  Every time you rounded the corner into a cove, you found there was another just behind it.  There are plenty of nooks in the rocks to explore and Joel had a fun time playing in the mud barefoot (free mud bath!).

After fully exploring the beach and all the cool rock formations along the way, I have to say that Hopewell Rocks is pretty impressive and definitely worth the trip if you have not been.  It gives you a deeper appreciation for the Bay of Fundy and just how powerful those tides really are.  It was also great to see that the place is so busy and popular with visitors!  I’d love to come back sometime to do the kayaking.

Here are some pictures from our at-home tourist excursion to Hopewell Rocks:

Pit stop in Alma. Tide’s out! Perfect timing.
Flowerpot Rocks
Checking out some of the nooks and crannies carved out by the Bay
Flowerpot Rocks, the Stairs of Tedium and lots of tourists
Me under a Flowerpot. The water line is much higher than my head.
Joel playing in the mud
Muddy feet!
A keyhole to the sea
That is clearly a face
More rock formations…
…and another…
One last look from the observation deck

If you would like more information on Hopewell Rocks, please visit

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