A Quick Visit to P.E.I.

I’ve missed you so, PEI!  It’s not that I don’t love you just as much as NS and NB, really, it’s not. I adore your rolling green hills and laid back island vibe.  And I chose you to spend my honeymoon with just 2 years ago.  It’s just a little bit harder for me to come up with legitimate excuses to come and visit you, that’s all.  But I’m here now for a short visit so I’m hitting up all my favourite spots in and around Charlottetown before we make our way to the Magdalen Islands.

I’m beginning to realize I have a big thing for islands.  Most of the time when I am looking for a place to go on vacation, I end up choosing an island: from chilly, surreal Iceland to tropical Caribbean paradises, I’m drawn to them all.  My husband has already asked what island we’ll be visiting next September.  I would love to visit Sable Island and their wild horse population.  Is there anyone out there that can make that happen?

The thing that all islands seem to have that larger land masses lack is a specific feeling; an easy way of life.  You feel different when you’re there.  You’re on this island, disconnected from any other land mass, away from it all.  It forces you to stop, take a breath and look around you.  PEI has this feeling.  Plus it’s just really pretty.  The depth of the greens, reds and blues hits you almost immediately upon crossing the expansive Confederation Bridge.  Lucy Maud Montgomery said that PEI was made up of shades of ruby, emerald and sapphire and that certainly is true.

Coming to Charlottetown always feels a little bit like a homecoming for me. I lived here for a year in the early 2000’s.  While I was here I worked at the historic Rodd Charlottetown Hotel and witnessed first hand the cycle of life the island goes through over the course of a year: from quiet springs to busy summers and falls to some of the harshest winters I can recall.  No matter the season, however, PEI is always worth the visit.

Here are a few photos of our quick trip through PEI:

Confederation Bridge on a cloudy day
Beautiful view from our room. I loved that window seat.
Love the modern feel at Delta Prince Edward
First stop was Receiver Coffee on Victoria Row
Followed closely by dinner and drinks at The Gahan House
Love this art installation downtown
Confederation Centre of the Arts
Breakfast at lovely Leonhard’s Cafe

2 thoughts on “A Quick Visit to P.E.I.

  1. simpletravelourway September 16, 2015 / 1:13 pm

    We agree about the allure of islands! PEI was a relaxing vacation years ago and we just spent the summer on Vancouver Island. Last year we were on Crete, the Madeira Islands, Canary Islands, Stewart Island, Tasmania, and Zanzibar. Yes, we do love islands!

    • Melissa Smith September 16, 2015 / 1:15 pm

      There is just something about them!

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