Canada Votes 2015: The Most Important Thing You’ll Do Today

It’s finally here: Election Day 2015.  The moment that everyone has been waiting for for 78 long days.  And I, for one, am very happy to see the end of the longest election race in this country’s history.  I bet the federal party leaders are happy too.  I’m sure that if they had had to hold one more baby or take one more selfie, there was going to be a major incident.

I’m ready to vote.  I’ve got mine and my husband’s voter cards in my handbag so that we can swing by the polling station right after work.  I know who I’m voting for and have for quite some time, making the length of this election particularly tedious for me.

I hope everyone is prepared to vote.  It’s the most important thing you’ll do today.  And frankly, it’s a Monday, so it’s probably the most productive thing you’ll do today as well. The huge turnout numbers from the advance polls are promising for a large voter turnout.  I’m hoping that more people than ever are engaged in the political process and are excited to have their say.  In the 2011 election, only 61% of eligible Canadians voted. We can do better than that, Canada. There is really no excuse for not voting, unless you are in a coma or something.  Elections Canada does their very best to make it possible for people to vote.  If you are still not sure how and where to vote, please visit their website.

This election is by no means a forgone conclusion.  This means that your vote really will matter.  And if you are still not sure who to vote for, my advice is to look at the vision each party leader has for this country and see which one most closely matches your own.  This does require that you take some time and think about what is most important to you and what you wish for the future of this country.  If you haven’t done this yet, go ahead, take a few minutes before casting your vote.  It could make a difference in your decision.

On the East Coast, we have the privilege of having the first say in this election.  And this time around, people on the west side of the country will be able to see how we have voted before casting their own.  This could be a real game-changer.  Or perhaps they’ll just ignore us and do their own thing.  I can’t wait to find out.

Regardless of what happens and who is elected, the most important thing is that you have had your say.  That you have contributed to the political future of this country.  It really is the most important thing you’ll do today.

I’ll leave you with Rick Mercer’s brilliant rant on the election and why it’s so important to vote.  Remember: “This is not their election, it is ours”.  Happy voting, Canada!

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