The Perseverance of Light

A province waits with bated breath

A killer’s on the run

Our friends and neighbours are in harm’s way

When will all this be done?

Darkness resides within our souls

We cannot shake it free

A young man with hatred in his heart

Is all that we can see

Three men will return no more

Each a wound we cannot bear

Our sorrow runs an ocean deep

A lifeboat we all share

Families huddle in their basement cells

The dog goes on the floor

They anticipate the moment

They can go outside once more

The hours pass slowly by

The brave pursue the weak

Floodlights and sirens pierce the night

It’s Justice that they seek

Finally, the monster has been caged

Dawn breaks; a brand new day!

Like sunlight through a pane so black

Right always finds a way

 Moncton Strong